Keto Brownie Review
Is It As Good As The Real Thing?

keto brownie

Before we get into the meat of this review of Keto Brownie, let's take a quick overview of the keto diet for the uninitiated. The low-carb diet is primarily used by people looking for a dependable way to lose weight and keep it off over the long haul. With the ketogenic diet, you force your body to abandon its dependence on carbohydrates as its primary energy source and instead shift to burning fat in the form of ketone bodies for energy. Those who adhere to the diet typically enjoy leaner, healthier bodies, higher energy levels and greater mental acuity. They are also freed from many of the comorbidities that typically accompany being overweight like hypertension, knee and hip problems and type II diabetes.

In this Keto Brownie review, we're going to address one of the biggest challenges for those who adhere to the lifestyle: finding snacks that won't throw you off course. Most snacks, after all, are loaded with sugar and other carbohydrates and so simply going to the store to pick up a bunch of candy bars isn't the smartest thing to do. You'll find yourself out of the state in short order and back to square one. Fortunately, some enterprising individuals have taken up the challenge of providing great tasting snacks to those on the low-carb diet and none more so than Nick over at

So, What is Keto Brownie?

keto brownie

The Keto Brownie is a snack that aspires to provide chocolate-starved dieters with the kind of sweet satisfaction they were used to before they went on the lifestyle. To understand what a big issue this is, all you need to do is spend some time reading labels on “all natural” snack bars. They’re all natural alright, and packed with carbs that will derail your ketosis like that (snaps fingers).

The Keto Brownie sets out to address this issue and it actually does so in a pretty effective manner. The bottom line is that, when consumed in moderation, Nick’s Keto Brownies should provide you that chocolaty fix you crave, without kicking you out of ketosis. It’s a pretty remarkable trick. But, just how does he do it?

What’s in the Box?

Nick’s Chocolate Almond Crunch Keto Brownie Bars are high in fat, low in protein and even lower in carbs. That’s a recipe any sweet loving low carb dieter is going to go gaga for because it will let them stay the course while enjoying an occasional tasty treat. There are some carbs in this recipe but it is very minimal and won't be an issue, unless you devour a whole box in one go. And given how tasty this delicious snack is, it's actually surprising it's not more. Moderation, as we said earlier, is the key. That said, let’s take a quick look under the hood to see if we can’t figure out how this thing works.

Finding the Balance: Avoiding Hidden Carbs

If you're like most dieters, it's likely the one thing you missed most has been sweets. There simply aren't many of them out there that aren't loaded with sugar and other carbs. The ones you will find that tout their low carb, low sugar properties are usually loaded with artificial, man-made chemical fillers and sugar alcohols. Which never fails to raise another question in the mind of the low-carb dieter questing for sweets: "What is sugar alcohol?"

Sugar alcohols are typically derived from things like fruits and berries. The carbs contained in these plants are subjected to a chemical process that alters their makeup and turns them into what are called "sugar alcohols."

dripping in chocolate

The thing is, the name is something of a misnomer because the resulting compounds are neither sugar nor alcohol. Alcohol contains ethanol while sugar alcohols do not. Long story short, you can't get drunk from consuming sugar alcohols. That's the good news. The bad news is that they'll likely do a number on your diet because they contain all kinds of hidden calories and carbs. So when devising the recipe for his keto-friendly brownies, Nick wisely steered clear of both chemical fillers and the sugar alcohols. So don't worry, you're safe with this product.

How Does The Keto Brownie Taste?


Now that we’re pretty sure these keto brownies aren’t going to play any serious games with our diet, it’s time to ask the really important question in any Keto Brownie review; “What does it taste like?” While you probably won’t mistake these for the snacks your mom made when you were a tike, they actually have a chocolaty personality all their own. And that’s important because it means you can just enjoy them for what they are instead of constantly comparing them to something they can never be. And enjoy them the way we did. In moderation.

Another thing that some of Keto Brownie reviews are fond of pointing out is that sometimes oil can be seen separating from the other ingredients on the surface of these snacks (see our list of favorites here). This, however, is actually a good sign. It means the maker has not introduced any artificial additives to suppress this type of separation the way the makers of commercial candy bars do. So don't worry when you see a bit of oil on the surface, be happy!

So, Where Can You Buy Keto Brownie?

We’d like to end this Keto Brownie review by stating unequivocally that these snacks are all things to all low carb dieters. The fact is they’re really good and should be a part of your lifestyle if you’re into sweets. However, while they are blissfully low in carbs, they are not carbohydrate free and as such you’ll need to exercise restraint when you reach for your box of Keto Brownies. That is not a knock on the product, but the reality is, no product even comes close to how low the carbs are in these delicious snacks.

Have one and move on. Come back a few days later and have another if you wish. Just don’t sit at the table and empty the box. So do we recommend them? Absolutely. But as with most things in life we advise moderation. Enjoy!

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