Keto Krate Review (2019 UPDATE) Is This Snack Box The Best?

Keto Krate Review
Is This Box Of Goodies Right For Your Taste?

Keto Krate Review

If you are currently on a low-carb diet, you know how important - and yes how difficult - it can sometimes be to find the high-quality low-carb snacks that will carry you through the periods between meals.

Even if your foray into the keto lifestyle is comprised solely of using keto supplements like MCT oil to mimic the effects of the keto diet, you can still benefit from finding snacks that aid in your quest for a slimmer, healthier you.

One of best ways to obtain the keto-friendly snacks you need is a subscription service called the "Keto Krate."

With Keto Krate, you receive a new collection of high fat, low carb snacks every month, delivered right to your door and all for less than the cost of a dinner out.

I’ve been testing it for several months now, alongside another service called Keto Box. So, if you’re torn between these two services, then keep reading this review.

What Is Keto Krate?

A Keto Krate is a monthly snack delivery service that includes tasty and 100% keto-friendly nibbles and treats.

With subscriptions available from $20 to $40, you receive an excellent selection of snacks that will fill those moments of hunger in between meals.

It’s often these times when cravings for carbs can lead to a moment of weakness.

But with a tasty selection and some great recipes, you can fill those gaps and not mess with your ketosis.

Our Review of [month]'s Keto Krate...

The best way to demonstrate what this is and the type of products you receive is to simply review the contents of a recent month. So we’re going to take a look at [month]'s box to give you an idea what you can expect from a typical box in this Keto Krate review.

  • The info/recipe card - First off, each Keto Krate comes with a large, well-designed information card that describes all the items included in a particular box. Each month, the card also contains different keto-friendly recipes that you can make at home to further immerse yourself in the low-carb lifestyle. The recipe was for Pecan Pie Waffles and we have to admit they are good enough to become a breakfast staple.
  • ChocZero Honest Syrup: Chocolate Flavor - The packaging here is no doubt intended to remind you of Hershey's syrup. But because these are sugar-free snacks, ChocZero can't compete with its more famous cousin. It's just not a fair fight. Therefore, you need to consider this product on its own merits, but even then, it falls heavily short of what we have expected already.
  • Delightfully Yours Original Parmesan Crisps - These were the first thing we removed from the box (after the info card) and also the first thing we tried. All we can say is "wow!" Made with real aged parmesan along with garlic, onion, sesame and poppy seeds, they taste like something you'd have at a high-end Italian restaurant. There's no doubt they rank as one of our all-time favorite low carb snack, and they set the bar of anticipation high for the rest of the box.
  • Tomer Kosher Pepper Stick It's nice to see someone paying more than lip service to the need for kosher products, so this Tomer Kosher Pepper Stick is a welcome inclusion. This keto pepper stick manages to find a middle ground between "a little spicy" and "overpowering." The quality of the kosher Angus beef is beyond reproach, and if you're like us, you'll find yourself finishing the whole package in short order. 
  • Legendary Foods Pecan Pie Almond Nut Butter - Every month, the Keto Krate "features" a particular product and this month saw that distinction go to this Pecan Pie Almond Nut Butter from Legendary Foods. While we're big fans of pecans in general (and the pecan pie waffle recipe that came with this month's Krate was delicious), we have to say we weren't bowled over by this particular nut butter. Something about the taste just left us wanting though it was hard to put our finger on it. Was it good? Sure. Was it good enough to go out and try and track down more after this ran out? Maybe. But we’d have to be in the mood.
  • Superseedz Organic Garlicky Dill Gourmet Pumpkin Seeds - These organic, gluten-free, vegan-friendly pumpkin seeds got us back on track with this Keto Krate. We tried a few right out of the box and they were delicious. The flavor is surprisingly well-rounded and just what the keto doctor ordered if you were previously enamored of things like garlic and onion potato chips. A real delight that's hard to put down.
  • Fizzique Pomegranate Punch Pomegranate is the kind of thing some people love and others love not so much. So if you’re one of those folks who enjoy the tartness of the pomegranate you’ll probably love this keto-friendly Pomegranate punch from Fizzique. It’s got a delightful sparkle to it that some will no doubt find refreshing and lively and it’s packed with 20g of protein to provide a quick boost of energy.
  • 4505 Chicharrones Classic Chili and Salt Flavor Pork Rinds - This is another outstanding keto-friendly meal snack that’s certain to make you think you made the right choice to go keto. They’re savory with a bit of a spicy edge to them, and the pork itself is quite tasty and not just a lump of gristle like you get with some pork snacks. The pork is also antibiotic free which is always good to hear.
  • Roam Free Bison Bites Wood Fired Pizza - Don’t expect to see tiny slices of your favorite pizza pie emerge from the bag of Bison Bites pizza snacks. What you actually get resembles bite-sized brownies more than pizza. But don’t let the visual disconnect put you off. When you take a bite out of one of these, you’ll be right back in the pizza parlor and on your way to keto snack nirvana. We’d place them a pretty close second after the Delightfully Yours Original Parmesan Crisps as our favorite snack from this particular Keto Krate.

Keto Krate vs Keto Box

lady holding the Keto Krate box

Over the past couple of months we have tested out both of these services, and in many ways it did leave us wondering if the difference really was just in the name.

Both services are very similar when it comes to providing really great snacks. Delivery in both cases is always on time, and everything is nicely packaged and arranged.

Every month is also different, so you don’t actually get bored with receiving the same thing over and over again.

However, there were two little things that make us prefer Keto Krate. 

Firstly, they have different subscriptions to choose from, which means that you can get a delivery for as little as $20. With Keto Box, there is only one option for $40.

Secondly, Keto Krate just seems to have a little bit of a better edge when it comes to finding some really unique products. It’s completely subjective, but we found a lot more surprises in those boxes.

Our Final Review of Keto Krate...

After going through the whole box, we were pleased with everything that emerged from the [month] Keto Krate. And this is typical of our experience with this product in any given month. 

The people at Keto Krate seem determined to track down and include only the highest quality low carb, high-fat products out there. And that's just one more reason why this is an excellent idea for people determined to embrace the low-carb diet and lifestyle.

As we compared the contents to Keto Box, we did find that they are very similar. But Keto Krate just edged out ahead because of order size flexibility and providing a few more surprises.

So, if you are one of those people (most of us are anyways) that always need to snack on something out of the ordinary every other day, then getting a monthly subscription is the perfect solution to that.

Keto Krate has an amazing idea behind it, and we were really happy about it overall. This one is definitely a great way to go about your snacking needs.

We highly recommend at least trying it out, just to get a few great snack ideas.

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