The Keto Box Review
A Quick Look at this Snack-Filled Crate

The Keto Box Reviewed

The Keto Box is sometimes mistaken for its competitor the Keto Krate, and that's understandable. The idea behind each is essentially the same: provide people wishing to enjoy the benefits of the diet with the snacks they need to maintain ketosis. In the process, they also stave off the temptation presented by sugary snacks that could undermine their ​weight loss efforts. It's a good idea that can save keto-philes a lot of time and headaches trying to track down these products on their own.

We're going to leave a review of the Keto Krate for another time though and make this a straight Keto Box review.

​Let's Take A Look What's Inside The Keto Box...

By the time this Keto Box review is published, January will be behind us, but such is the nature of reviews. You're always writing about things that are being replaced even as you write.

Still, by reviewing the product offerings for a specific month, you can get an idea of the quality of the products they include in the Keto Box and whether those products will help you in your ​weight loss quest for better health. So January it is. Let’s get started.

  • Snickerdoodle - The Keto Box typically comes with at least one type of cookie in it, and January was no different. This time the cookie of the month was Snickerdoodle. Now the classic snickerdoodle recipe has been around a long time and includes things like walnuts, cinnamon and plenty of white sugar. Obviously that won’t do for folks on a ​low-carb diet. So these snickerdoodle cookies use a low carb sweetener made using monk fruit. The finished product is really tasty and got things off on the right foot.
  • Alterna Sweets Classic Tomato Ketchup - The word “classic” is a bit disingenuous since classic ketchup contains a fair amount of sugar. But we’re not going to split hairs. The fact is this ketchup actually tastes pretty good. Somewhere between real ketchup and catsup. We smothered our scrambled eggs in this stuff, and it was ​pretty good.
chomps beef jerky
  • Chomps Grass-Fed Beef Sticks - Beef jerky has never been a big favorite around these parts so this is one was not what you'd call a big hit. On the plus side, there's no sugar added to this particular product like there typically is with beef jerky so who knows? They shouldn't upset your ​low-carb diet trajectory, and maybe you'll love them.
  • Keto and Co Oatmeal - ​Not the most exciting sounding snack but don't let that fool you as this is one tasty meal. None of the takes away though from the fact that this Keto and Co Oatmeal is pretty good by instant oatmeal standards and the Stevia sweetener (gleaned from the Stevia rebaudiana plant) is a worthy substitute for sugar.
  • Tangerine Smartcake - Smartcake is another snack that tends to get eaten in the first day or so after The Keto Box arrives and that’s a testament to the fact that it’s delicious. This month it was Tangerine flavor which, if you didn’t look at the packaging, you'd be forgiven for thinking was a more ‘traditional' sugar-based cake snack.
  • Rawxies Smoked Paprika Crunch - Okay, here’s another one we could do without. Again though, that’s mostly a matter of personal preference. It’s intended to be crunched up and tossed on salads and the like but smoked paprika and ‘zesty’ lemon are not our thing. A friend gladly accepted it though and said it was good, so maybe we’re just behind the culinary curve.
  • The Original Seasnax - The package says these roasted seaweed snacks are ‘strangely addictive’ and for once you have to say that the marketing is spot on. At first, the taste doesn’t really add up, but then you find yourself reaching for another, then another and another. And pretty soon you find yourself strangely addicted. Just a word of caution: in this case, too much of a strangely addictive thing can give you a strangely unpleasant queasy feeling.
  • Picnik Butter Coffee - Last but not least we have Picnik brand Grass Fed Butter Coffee with MCT oil and no sugar. That's the good news. The eyebrow-raising news is that it includes among its ingredients quillaja extract, which is commonly used to treat athletes foot and various types of skin sores. We aren't aware of any compelling reason why this should be in our coffee so until we find one we’ll take a pass thanks.

​What We Liked About This Box Filled with Treats?

For one, you probably have a hectic lifestyle and don't have a lot of spare time to spend tracking down various low-carb snacks yourself.

supplement foods

With The Keto Box, those snacks are delivered right to your door once a month. No muss, no fuss. Just subscribe to the service through their website, and you’re good to go. I can't rave enough about this concept because its great if you're looking for new things to add to your current diet. I mean, who doesn't love surprises?

​What We Didn't Like About It...

As you have already read in the Keto Box review above, not all of the products that come with the ​product every month are going to float your boat. Basically, if you don’t have an open mind about trying new things, the Keto Box may not be for you. On the other hand, if you love all things keto, it’s likely you’re going to burn through the contents of your box in less than a week. Meaning that most of the month you’ll need to either go searching for other ​low-carb snacks anyway or merely refrain from snacking, period.

The Keto Box Bottom Line: Can We Recommend It?

Sure. Most of the products in the box are delicious, high-quality food products that will help you sustain ketosis and fill your need for ​low-carb between-meal munchies. Overall, it's a wonderful idea to get into if you're really that invested into the keto diet and are looking to mix it up a little bit.

However, we'd also recommend maybe subscribing to another similar service as well and try to space out the deliveries so that one comes every two weeks or some such thing. 

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