Teal Farms Keto Review (Is this what YOU need?)

​Teal Farms Keto Review

Whenever an idea comes along that captures the imagination of the public, it brings out all types of unscrupulous people looking to cash in. The keto diet is no different.

First devised more than a century ago, it emerged from the shadows only recently after several celebrities posted that were getting remarkable results using it. 

Now, everyone has gone keto crazy it seems and the marketplace is flooded with keto-related products. Some of them are the real deal. Sadly, scores of others are little more than cash grabs. 

Teal Farms Keto is one of the latest keto diet pills to hit the market and claims it will help you induce ketosis even if you don’t restrict carb intake. Can it pull off that metabolic miracle? That’s what we’re going to find out.

What is Teal Farms Keto?

As mentioned in the opening, Teal Farms Keto is a keto diet supplement that claims it can induce a ketogenic state and melt away fat. 

It’s one of dozens of similar health supplements that have flooded the market lately looking to emulate the success of industry leaders like Famous Keto. 

Most of those other supplements fall short. We’re here to find out if Teal Farms Keto can live up to their own hype.

Teal Farms Keto Review 

Our Teal Farms Keto review starts with a look at their marketing claims. Let’s go through the supposed benefits one at a time. 

●        It boosts energy levels - It contains a couple of ingredients that have been known to increase energy levels. Primarily caffeine.

●        It produces rapid weight loss - It doesn’t.

●        It induces ketosis - It doesn’t. The only thing that induces a ketogenic state is virtually eliminating carbs from your diet.

●        It improves mental health - It actually mentions this in some of the marketing we read—a dubious claim at best.

●        It controls appetite - To some degree. But mostly because it contains a bunch of caffeine.

●        It builds muscle mass - Strength training, and lots of it, is the only thing that builds muscle mass. 

So now that we have a better idea of what Teal Farms Keto diet is and what it can and can't do, let's dive into the particulars.

How is Teal Farms Keto Used?

The manufacturer recommends you take one capsule twice daily shortly before eating. They claim that if you do so every day, your body will be fooled into believing it’s in a ketogenic state and will start burning fat to produce energy. They say that this happy state is created by the BHB ketones in their product. 

Here’s the thing: Your body wants carbohydrates. Millions of years of evolution have trained every cell in your body to use carbs as fuel. But evolution has also created a fall back plan just in case carbs are not available. It’s a process called ketosis. 

If your body is denied carbs for more than a couple of days, it automatically shifts gears. It begins producing ketones that seek out all that fat you’ve been carrying around and burns that to power your muscles and organs. 

But—and here's the important thing—your body never stops looking for and craving carbs. So if carbs are available, it's going to use them for fuel each and every time. That means that if you keep eating carbs, it's going to keep burning carbs. 

And if you take BHB ketones to try and get it to burn fat while you’re still eating carbs, all it’s going to do is flush those ketones out of your system when you pee.

​Teal Farms Keto Ingredients

So if Teal Farms Keto cannot induce a ketogenic state, let's see if we can figure out what it actually can do.

In order to do that we'll need to look at what's in it and compare their "natural” ingredients to our research results.

●        BHB ketones - This is the ingredient Teal Farms Keto marketing hangs its hat on. Unfortunately, as we’ve discussed, all the ketones in the world won’t induce a ketogenic state if you’re still eating carbs.

In addition, the amount of ketones in this supplement are miniscule and not likely to help you burn fat faster even if you’re already in ketosis.

They also aren’t sufficient to act as an insurance policy should you have a bad carb day.

●        Green tea extract - Also known as caffeine. Caffeine is the world’s most popular stimulant and can be a useful thing to take prior to a workout. As it will help you push through times when your body would otherwise tell you to quit.

Caffeine is also a natural appetite suppressant. Our testers all commented that they experienced quite a caffeine buzz from using this supplement. Keto supplements are often loaded with caffeine to give the impression that they’re doing something.

●        Garcinia cambogia - Garcinia cambogia is a tiny Asian fruit whose rind contains a compound called hydroxycitric acid or HCA. HCA has shown some promise in suppressing food cravings and is also purported to block the formation of new fat cells. However, there has been little research that verifies this claim.

●        Forskolin - Forskolin is a kind of mint that has long been a staple of traditional herbal healers in Asia. It’s said to have the ability to break down fat cells and produce weight loss without the need for dieting.

Clinical research, however, doesn’t support this health claim. 

The takeaway from examining the Teal Farms Keto ingredient list is that it contains all the usual keto diet pill suspects, especially caffeine.

Caffeine is typically used in such supplements to provide the illusion of effectiveness. But if the product actually did what it claims, you wouldn’t need caffeine. 

“Bread isn't the staff of life... it’s the staff of death.”

Blake F. Donaldson

Pros and Cons of Teal Farms Keto

Our research indicates that Teal Farms Keto makes promises it has no ability to keep. That’s not going to prompt a good rating from us.

However, it’s not entirely without redeeming qualities. So let’s look at the pros and cons of this product. 


●        It’s relatively cheap - Some keto diet pill manufacturers charge $2 or more per capsule for supplements that aren’t effective.

To their credit, the makers of Teal Farms Keto keep the price down to a reasonable level. Still, if it doesn’t work as advertised, what are you paying for? 

●        It suppresses appetite to some degree - As Teal Farms Keto contains both caffeine and garcinia cambogia, it does a reasonable job suppressing your appetite.

Of course, the cost of that appetite suppression is a significant and sustained caffeine buzz.

●        Lots of pretty girls in bikinis in the marketing - Nothing wrong with pictures of attractive, slim ladies frolicking in the surf of course. Oddly though, they seem to be the exact same pretty girls in bikinis seen in the marketing for dozens of other similar supplements. 


●        It doesn’t keep its promise - The reason people buy this type of health supplement is because it says it will induce a ketogenic state that will ignite the process of burning off excess fat. It doesn’t do that. Sure, it contains plenty of caffeine. So maybe you can take it before working out. But if all you want is caffeine just have a cup of coffee before you hit the gym.

●        No info on the manufacturer - Try finding background information on the company Teal Farms. Info like, who owns it, where is it headquartered, etc. Go ahead. We'll wait...

Does Teal Farms Keto Actually Work? 

Teal Farms Keto provides you a significant jolt of caffeine that you might want to use to enhance your workouts.

All that caffeine, along with a bit of garcinia cambogia, also works to keep your food cravings at bay—at least while the buzz is buzzing.

Once the caffeine wears off though you're likely to be hungry. 

Teal Farms Keto doesn’t work when it comes to fulfilling its primary promise: that it will produce rapid weight loss by inducing ketogenic fat burning.

None of our testers experienced any noticeable weight loss from taking the pill as directed. 

Several testers already in ketosis also mentioned that it didn’t seem to enhance the rate at which they burned through fat and lost weight.

And when put to the “bad carb day" test, it didn’t protect against exceeding the 30 to 50 grams of carbs necessary to sustain a ketogenic state. 

The keto diet is one of the best ways ever devised to lose weight. But you'll have to restrict your carb intake. There's no getting around that fact. 

Once you achieve a genuine ketogenic state, we'd recommend you supplement your efforts with a proven product like Famous Keto, instead of squandering your hard-earned money on glorified caffeine pills.

Famous Keto  will also provide protection against those bad carb days we mentioned earlier. 

“A controlled carbohydrate lifestyle really prevents risk factors for heart disease.”

Robert Atkins

Are There Side Effects to Using Teal Farms Keto?

Teal Farms Keto won’t produce keto side effects, but it contains a couple of ingredients that are known to or suspected of generating other unpleasant or health threatening side effects. They are: 

●        Insomnia - Teal Farms Keto contains green tea extract which is high in caffeine. If you take this pill twice a day as indicated, you may suffer the side effects of caffeine, including insomnia. If you are also a coffee drinker and you take a couple of these per day, the amount of caffeine coursing through your blood is going to be significant, and you may well be unable to sleep.

●        Restlessness - Caffeine is well known for causing feelings of restlessness and irritability in people. Especially those not accustomed to drinking lots of coffee or taking caffeine pills. Caffeine can also cause an upset stomach.

●        Liver disease - Teal Farms Keto contains garcinia cambogia which research indicates may cause liver problems. It may also exacerbate existing liver conditions. If you have a history of liver problems, it’s suggested you don't take anything containing garcinia cambogia.

●        Bipolar disorder - Garcinia cambogia is also suspected of worsening manic episodes in people with bipolar disorder. Caffeine can also intensify manic episodes. 

Due to a lack of reliable clinical data, it’s also suggested that pregnant and breast-feeding women avoid using products containing garcinia cambogia.

Where Can I Buy Teal Farms Keto?

Teal Farms Keto occasionally pops up for sale on Amazon. It’s also available on any number of proxy sites the manufacturer has set up where they post their own allegedly impartial Teal Farms Keto reviews.

Or you can pick it up on what we’re told is the official home page by clicking here.

If it were our money though, we’d take a pass and pick up some Famous Keto  instead. It’s a proven product that doesn’t make false promises and can actually help you burn fat quicker if you’re on the keto diet.

What is the Teal Farms Keto Price?

The price of Teal Farms Keto is $49 for a bottle of 60 capsules. That’s not the most expensive on the market. But again, we believe your money would be better spent elsewhere.

​Does Teal Farms Keto Have a Trial?

Teal Farms Keto offers a one-week free trial. Essentially, you get a week's worth of capsules if you agree that at the end of the trial period, you'll buy more. We’d take a pass.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: The Teal Farms Keto site is now down and inactive. It may no longer be available for purchase at this time.

Bottom Line: Should You Buy ​Teal Farms Keto?

While a cursory reading of the ingredient list might make you think Teal Farms Keto has it going on, there's one big reason why we're taking a pass: it doesn't do what it says it will.

It doesn’t tip your body over into a ketogenic state and produce rapid weight loss. 

It may well do other things, like give you a caffeine rush. But it’s not going to burn fat by bringing on a ketogenic state. Nor is it going to provide a buffer to protect you in case you accidentally eat an excessive amount of carbs. 

Famous Keto  will. It will also reliably and effectively enhance your fat-burning efforts if you are on the keto diet.

So if you’re looking for a way to get more benefits out of your low carb keto diet and you’re tired of snake oil salesmen making empty promises, put your money to work by picking up some Famous Keto. 

And get on with the business of getting in shape!