Trim Pill Keto Review - IS IT RIGHT FOR YOU? READ HERE!

Trim Pill Keto Review

The keto diet was developed by medical researchers a century ago and used for decades to treat various types of disease. The reasons why it finally emerged from the shadows recently are twofold. First, the obesity epidemic has people scrambling to find effective ways to lose weight. And second, celebrities have been using the new platform of social media to spread the word of their keto experiences. That said, like any trendy diet keto is going to attract its share of fraudsters hoping to cash in. At the same time, however, there are some perfectly legit keto supplements out there that deserve recognition. Trim Pill Keto claims to be one of them. We’re here to find out if it is.

What Is Trim Pill Keto?

Trim Pill Keto is a dietary supplement intended to help you lose weight. Some internet marketing for the product states it can put you into ketosis and melt away your belly all by itself. Which is, of course, impossible. The only way to get into a ketogenic state where your body is burning fat for fuel is to drastically reduce your carbohydrate intake.

That said the company is much more restrained when it comes to promises they print on their bottle for keto dieters. There they claim it “may increase energy," "may boost metabolism” and “may reduce belly fat." 3 much more reasonable claims and far more in keeping with the actual capabilities of the product.

The Company Behind Trim Pill Keto 

The company behind Trim Pill Keto is called Pill Trim Diet, and they're headquartered in Santa Ana, California. The also make a colon cleanse product and a Garcinia Cambogia supplement. But their most popular item is Trim Pill Keto. Beyond that, there's a lack of information available about the company. And their unwillingness to be more forthcoming about who they are doesn’t exactly instill confidence in us. But it is what it is.

How is Trim Pill Keto Used?

People who want to burn fat like they’re on the keto diet are advised to take 2 Trim Pill Keto pills per day. This is supposed to initiate ketogenic effects and cause you to lose weight. What all of the marketing - including the instructions on the bottle - fails to mention is that you’ll need to be in ketosis before Trim Pill Keto will be of any use to you.
It’s a shame that they aren’t just straight with people. Because our research indicates that if you are on the keto diet, Trim Pill Keto might actually be able to help you burn off fat a bit faster. Mind you, it’s not the most effective at doing so, but it is capable of lending a hand. So why not just tell people they need to be on a low carb diet first?
We suspect it’s because a lot of people who use these types of supplements are hoping to be able to enjoy keto-like benefits without having to give up pasta and ice cream and other carb-heavy favorites. So, the makers of Trim Pill are just telling people what they want to hear. It’s likely a more profitable approach.

Ingredients of Trim Pill Keto

In spite of the fact that the company doesn’t give you a heads up that you’ll need to be in ketosis before Trim Pill Keto will help you, their ingredient list is still legit. Here are the main ingredients in no particular order: 

●        Beta-hydroxybutyrate - Beta-hydroxybutyrate or BHB is a kind of exogenous ketone body which is identical to the ketones produced by your liver when on a low carb diet. In the absence of carbohydrates, these ketone bodies go to work transforming fat cells into usable energy. There are 4 types of BHB “salts” in the Trim Pill Keto formulation: magnesium, calcium, sodium and potassium. Although the amount of BHB ketones provided here is very modest, they'll nonetheless help you burn off a little extra lard if you are already in ketosis.

●        MCTs - This is the second most important ingredient in Trim Pill Keto. Medium Chain Triglycerides help your body ramp up its own BHB ketone production, which should lead to even more robust fat burning results. The label doesn’t say what is the exact source of the MCTs in this product. But in most cases with most similar supplements the source is coconut oil.

●        L-Arginine - L-arginine is an amino acid which your body normally makes itself. The job of this particular amino acid is to help improve circulation and overall blood flow. It’s able to provide these benefits because once ingested L-arginine is converted by the body into nitric oxide. This causes blood vessels to dilate and allows for a more generous flow. As a result, more oxygen is delivered to both muscles and brain, and you'll feel more alert and energetic. 

Trim Pill Keto also includes a number of minor ingredients including rice flour, magnesium stearate and gelatin. 

“More die in the United States of too much food than of too little.”

John Kenneth Galbraith, 

The Affluent Society

Benefits and Possible Side Effects of Trim Pill Keto

The potential benefits of Trim Pill Keto are the wellness benefits of the keto diet itself. They are: 

●        Weight loss - Obviously the reason you’re on the keto diet to begin with is to lose weight. And Trim Pill Keto, if taken by a person in ketosis, may help that person burn fat and lose weight more effectively.

●        Improve blood sugar levels - One of the unfortunate byproducts of a high carb diet is out of control glucose levels. They tend to spike after eating carb-rich foods and then crater in between meals and in the late evening. The keto diet was designed to improve nutrition and stabilize blood glucose levels, and it typically does an outstanding job.

●        Burns off excess fat - Carrying large amounts of weight around your gut is not healthy. It can lead to all manner of disease and long-term health problems, including heart attack. Once in ketosis (and presumably with the help of Trim Pill Keto), your enhanced metabolism will start melting off that spare tire and give you a chance for a healthier future.

●        Enhanced brain function - Without all that sugar floating around in your blood, you're going to feel like a fog has been lifted from your brain. You'll be more alert, find it easier to make decisions and be a more effective problem solver. 

The potential side effects of Trim Pill Keto are: 

●        More frequent urination - When fat cells are metabolized, they release water. This causes you to urinate more frequently.

●        Fatigue - This is a temporary state some people experience during the first weeks of the low carb diet. It typically passes.

Does Trim Pill Keto Actually Work?

Like a number of other similar BHB-based keto supplements, Trim Pill Keto will likely provide a modest boost to your fat-burning efforts if you are already in ketosis and you stay that way. Unlike a more robust keto supplement like Keto BodyTone however, it will not provide you cover in case you happen accidentally (or purposely) have a bad carb day.

Are Trim Pill Keto Reviews Good?

Trim Pill Keto reviews are typically good. Yes. However, the thing about Trim Pill Keto reviews - or reviews for many other keto supplements you can only find online - is that you have to take the source of the review into consideration. And here’s why that’s important. 

Some (certainly not all, but some) keto diet pill manufacturers set up proxy websites designed to look like independent 3rd party review sites. They then hire somebody to write a glowing review and put that on the proxy site. So it’s in your interest to read reviews from as many different sources as possible. 

Where Can I Buy Trim Pill Keto?

Trim Pill Keto is available from any number of online websites including Amazon and a slew of shadier secondary sites, such as those proxy sites we discussed a moment ago. However, before you plunk down your hard-earned money for this particular supplement, we recommend that you think twice. Why? Because there are other, more effective supplements out there like Keto Body Tone that cost about the same and do a better job. If, however, it’s Trim Pill or bust for you then you can pick it up by clicking here.

How Much is Trim Pill Keto? 

Trim Pill Keto cost $59 for a single bottle. However, the company will sometimes run a promotion, and you're also likely to get a volume discount. To get the best possible price we recommend you click the link provided above.

Bottomline: Should I BuyTrim Pill Keto?

Unlike a lot of products currently floating around the ketosphere Trim Pill Keto is not a scam. On the other hand, it is not exactly what it claims to be either. That is, it won't tip you over into ketosis all by itself. Nor is it potent enough to prevent you from slipping out of ketosis if you have a bad day with carbs. Therefore, we can’t recommend it.

Our recommendation would be to pick up some Keto Body Tone instead and get on the road to genuine wellness. Keto Body Tone routinely scores highest for effectiveness in our testing and will provide you the robust dose of exogenous BHB ketones your body needs to stay keto compliant and achieve your weight loss goals.