Vitamonk Ketosene Review (2019) Product to Power Your Diet?

Vitamonk Ketosene Review
Can It Take Your ​Diet to The Next Level?

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When people fast for prolonged periods of time, their bodies switch from using carbohydrates for energy to using fat for energy. The physiological process of burning fat for energy is known as "ketosis." About a century ago, researchers discovered that using a no-carb diet to induce the state could help prevent certain types of seizures in adolescents (a treatment method that is still used sometimes).

Today, however, ketosis has gained widespread cultural traction principally as a way to lose weight while enhancing the effectiveness of workouts and sharpening your mind. In this Vitamonk Ketosene review, we’ll see if this popular supplement lives up to diet’s lofty promise.

How Does Vitamonk Ketosene Work?

When the body is denied carbohydrates for energy, the liver begins to produce what are called "ketone bodies." These are then used to metabolize fat rather than carbs for energy in a process known as ketosis. It's merely one that isn't used very often by the body since we usually eat plenty of carbs.

There are two ways to achieve ​this state. The first is by denying your body carbohydrates and letting it produce ketone bodies naturally, and the second is by ingesting supplements like Vitamonk Ketosene which introduce exogenous ​ketones (​chemicals produced outside the body) which mimic the effects of the ​popular metabolic process.

​What Are The Ingredients?

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Vitamonk Ketosene generates exogenous ketones by way of beta-hydroxybutyrate salts (commonly known as BHB salts). As such, BHB salts are the primary ingredient in Vitamonk's product. Other ingredients include calcium which is used to maintain healthy bones and is also essential for heart function and for maintaining the health of your nervous system. 

Also, Vitamonk also includes magnesium, another mineral that is crucial for the proper functioning of the nervous system. Insufficient magnesium levels are believed to produce anxiety, sleeplessness, and indigestion.

​When Is The Right Time To Take It?

Some Vitamonk Ketosene reviews don't touch on the subject of when you should take it. Others imply you can take it just about any old time you want. In reality, the best time to take it is between meals and before workouts. What you shouldn't do is eat a carb-heavy meal and then use the product to try and counterbalance all the carbs you've ingested. It won't work, and sending your body such contradictory signals isn't a good idea no matter how you slice it.

Also taking greater and greater amounts of Vitamonk (or any ​weight loss supplement) to speed up the weight loss process isn't a good idea either because extreme levels of ​exogenous chemicals in the blood can change its chemistry and lead to problems like dehydration.

​How Long Does it Take To See Effects?

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As long as you're not taking this supplement after gorging on spaghetti and meatballs, it should start working within a half hour or so. But that is only the average time under ideal circumstances. The fact is everyone's metabolic rate is different; everyone will have other things in their stomach that may slow down the absorption rate and things like BMI and age will also play a part. In general, though you shouldn't have to wait long before you start to feel the energy boost that comes with taking Vitamonk.

It should also go without saying in any Vitamonk Ketosene supplement review that if you are already in a diet-induced state of ketosis, you’ll feel the effects of Vitamonk quickly. Although if you are already in a state of ketosis achieved by eating a no-carb diet taking too many supplements will be overkill.

Are There Any Side Effects ​from Ketosene?

Some Vitamonk Ketosene reviews gloss over possible side effects, but we don't see the point of that. The fact is there are known side effects that sometimes occur with the use of Vitamonk Ketosene, but they're no worse than those you'll experience using any other BHB supplements. They are:

  • Fatigue
  • Cravings for sweets
  • Sleep problems
  • Headaches
  • Bad breath
  • Leg cramps (especially during and after exercise)
  • Digestive issues
  • Possibility of kidney stones (rare)
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​So, Is The Product Safe to Use?

Typically ​weight loss supplements are considered extremely safe as long as they’re taken in moderation, and you don’t muddle things up by also eating lots of carbs and sugary foods at the same time. That said you should always consult your doctor before making any significant changes to your diet and switching to a low-carb or no-carb diet along with a supplement like Vitamonk Ketosene certainly qualifies as a major change. Your doctor will be able to tell you if the no-carb way of life presents any particular challenges for you given your current medical state.

Our Vitamonk Ketosene Final Review: Does it Work?

When taken as part of an overall weight loss and nutritional plan that includes a low carb diet and exercise, we found Vitamonk Ketosene to be reasonably effective in producing the energy boost it claims to produce while also generating a sense of elevated mental sharpness. Whether or not it aids in normalizing blood glucose levels in those with Type II diabetes is impossible for us to say since none of our testers suffered from that condition (although there is plenty of clinical evidence to suggest that products such as this can help regarding blood glucose levels).

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At the end of the day though, our Vitamonk Ketosene review found it still fell short of Perfect Keto BHB with regards to the boost it gave our workouts and couldn’t match Perfect Keto when it came to duration or enhanced cognitive clarity.

So, Do We Recommend Ketosene?

Vitamonk has produced a pretty good BHB supplement here but not one that warrants recommending it over superior products like Perfect Keto. As this and other Vitamonk Ketosene reviews imply, you won’t really lose if you choose this product. It will provide some of the keto-related benefits you’re after.

But if you can do better using Perfect Keto why would you buy something less effective? Perfect Keto is a more reliable product with ​affordable pricing and on top of that, it also tastes ​great compared to most BHB products out in the market today.

We hope you found this Vitamonk Ketosene supplement review helpful.